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Occupational Therapy

Do you have an illness or disability that hinders you from performing everyday activities? Then occupational therapy may be for you! Occupational therapy is for people of all ages, and of all different ability levels.

So how does this differ from regular physical therapy you may be asking? Physical therapy deals with pain, strength, endurance and gross motor functioning skills. Occupational therapy on the other hand deals with fine motor skills, visual perceptual skills, cognitive skills, and sensory processing deficits.

When you first meet with your occupational therapist what can you expect? Your occupational therapist will judge and evaluate you in the area that you are seeking therapy for; such examples are academic or work performance, and daily activities and compare it to others’ in your age group, to determine where you are lacking. You will receive an individual evaluation from your occupational therapist, they will create a plan for you based on your needs, and then they will provide an evaluation of the exam.

What are some examples of stuff people seek occupational therapists to help them improve?

-Helping improve social skills, including focus improvement, and behavioral issues

-Coordination skills such as how to type faster on a computer, as well as hand eye coordination for everyday activities like brushing one’s teeth and getting dressed.

-Improving fine motor skills for tasks like developing better handwriting skills

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