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How to Choose the Proper Mobility Aid

When an injury limits your mobility, there are certain aids that can help. Canes, crutches, walkers and wheelchairs can all be helpful, however it is important to know which is appropriate for your specific situation. To avoid choosing incorrectly, you should always consult a professional.

Mobility aids are typically chosen based on the type and severity of an injury as well as the overall fitness of the patient. Crutches may be useful in helping someone with a broken leg, however they require a good deal of upper body strength. For someone with minimal upper body strength, a wheelchair or walker may be more appropriate. These aids are crucial to injured people’s overall health as they allow them not only to move around, but also to get out of bed on their own. Just by standing up people can improve breathing efficiency, reduce the loss of bone density and speed up the overall recovery process.

The easiest mobility aid to use is the cane. Canes give people balance and stability and make walking easier by taking the pressure off of an injured leg. However, people with severe balance issues tend to use walkers rather than canes as they provide more support. While canes can be very useful, they should not be used for weight bearing purposes. There are several types of canes and it is important to ask your doctor which one is right for you.

Crutches allow people to completely eliminate pressure to one leg. Although they require some upper body strength, crutches are relatively easy to use and allow people to maneuver around obstacles with ease. There are different types of crutches made with different materials. Aluminum crutches are lighter than traditional wooden crutches and are therefore easier to use.

Wheelchairs are typically reserved for people who have lost all weight-bearing capabilities. While some people may think that using a wheelchair is embarrassing, this type of mobility aid can promote independence for people who previously had no other way of getting around. Overall, mobility aids can have a profound impact on people’s lives even if they only require them for a short period of time. If you have difficulty getting around, consult your doctor about the type of mobility aid that’s right for you.